pdf plans here

Jetstream is a Python Lowracer I am constructing with the remnants of Jetrike MkI.

20 Jan 2007

  • I finished cutting out all the items in the Cut list.
  • I finished the BB Mount, which included hollowing out the sleeve sides, machining, taping and welding on the binder and fabricating the front derailleur post and welding that on.
  • Cut, sectioned, bent and welded the Fender, which is ready to be attached to the drive-train.

13 Jan 2007

  • Sourced all the materials from our local steel supplier Shoe Steel. They sell steel by the meter, so you can just buy what you need.
  • I spent most of Saturday afternoon just tidying out the shed to get it ready for this project, then I started by cutting down the 40 x 40 profile, which you can read about in the section on constructing the Drive Train.
  • On Sunday I managed finish my 40 x 10 profile and so only spend half a day actually cutting metal and welding bits together. I ended up only getting a bit of the Drive Train and a bit of the BB Mount done.