Rocker Arm


pdf plans here

Before you start debur and wire brush all the metal pieces.

The rocker arms are pretty easy to fabricate and assemble, however keeping the pivot axis square with the rod end mounts is key.

This is what the finished rocker arm looks like.

7 Feb 2007

We begin machining the rocker arms (Item 19) by drilling the 8mm holes in the drill press. Then with a hacksaw cut down 45mm just inside the wall and then cut it off across the base.

With that done, round the edges using the cut-off wheel on the angle grinder.

Here is the piece with both sides done.

Item 18 is machined much like the Swing Arms by cutting it 17mm longer then using a hole saw to cut the hole, then trimming he excess so it is the right length.

8 Feb 2007

Here I am clamping the Item 18 to the rocker arm pivot so they are both square against each other. Tack weld on the four corners.

Now push a set of sacrificial R8 bearings into the housings to protect them from warping and weld them together.

10 Feb 2007

Here you can see that I am making sure that the base of the bearing housing is square to the rocker arm and not just Item 18, which may not be. Tack in the four corners, check its still square and weld.