Here are a few links to web sites that I regularly visit.

Information Resources

Sheldon Brown probably has one of the most useful and well known bicycle information resources on the Internet. Mike's recumbent trike links include commercial tadpoles and deltas, velomobiles and home built trikes.
Walter Zorn has some very helpful online calculators for speed & power, cadence, steering geometry, spoke length and suspension travel.  

Home Builders

Tim Hicks (25mhz) is a prolific home builder of trikes and other interesting recumbents, including ice racers. <> Timothy Smith is another prolific home builder of recumbent bikes and trikes, who mostly salvages frames and other components from donor bicycles.
Frank Bokhorst shares his experiments in tilting trikes and FWD recumbent design. Dirk Bonne is an adventurous Python builder, and his site includes images of several of his friends creations, including the very beautiful Serge Prinz Python.
Bram Smit developed the first HPV tilting trike to use the Calleja swing arm, suspension link and tilt locking setup. Esko Meriluoto's hipparion (or small horse) has been an inspiration for many years, with its simple clean front-wheel-drive train and large cargo carrying capacity.
Here you will find Greg K's blog on how he designed and constructed his Rocket lean steer velomobile. Rob Horn not only manages to come up with innovative recumbent designs, but they look great too, check out his new F'Liegerad.
Laurent Dechenne is a keen front-wheel-drive enthusiast, who has shared his experiences building various recumbents. This is Jürgen Mages official Python web site. This is the ultimate zen machine of recumbent cycling. <>
The Tom Traylor or TT as it has become known is the quintessential front-wheel-drive recumbent. Check out his monocoque aluminum racing frames. Even by today's standards, they are incredibly light.  


Bent Rider Online is an open forum for recumbent enthusiasts. It has some excellent discussions on trikes as well as home building. also provides an excellent online information resource. The Wisil group provide many interesting links to home grown recumbent projects.

Frame Building Supplies

I have been using Nova Cycles Supply right from the start, they have an extensive range and excellent customer service. Geeway Bike Building Supplies have an extensive range of frame building supplies and tools.
Gaerlan has an excellent range of bike building parts and accessories.  


Aero Tech Designs provide comfortable American made cycleware with a size range that to fit extra large cyclists -- like me. They have very reasonable international shipping rates. Mt Borah Designs have cycle shorts and jerseys specifically designed for recumbent riders.