Here you will find a change log -- any time I make an addition to this site, I will post a short description and link here so you can easily find the stuff that's new and interesting to read.

November 8 2007

  • Figured it was about time I added a list of links to the web pages I frequent.

October 17 2007

August 14 2007

  • Posted new video of me riding Jetrike on YouTube. Hopefully this will give viewers some idea of how it rides. In the video I am riding Jetrike around the research station, reaching speeds of 37kmh and cornering at 22kmh (in two places) on a 2km loose gravel circuit. The road is a single lane, and all the corners are at right angles, so I really had to lean hard not to end up in the cane fields!

July 21 2007

  • Added a new swing arm design, the 1975 Carling D. Allen patent to the prior art page.
  • While I was downloading that patent, I also downloaded the full patents for most of the other trikes on the prior art page.

July 20 2007

  • After a lot of activity on this site earlier this year, the site has been a bit quiet! I had a research milestone to complete, and fell ill with a strange virus that robbed me of my balance. So there has been no riding for over a month. Not so bad really, this winter has been one of the coldest on record. Nevertheless, I am itching to finish a new YouTube video about Jetrike. In the meantime...
  • Added a Frame Mods page to document a few major changes and the many refinements the frame has undergone over the past months.
  • I corrected a reference to the Bacurra on my FWS or RWS page. I was of the mistaken belief that it was a RWS lean steer delta trike, but as I found out from Jamie, its similar to the Hipparion.

April 14,21,28 2007

April 5 2007

  • Added the Projects to catalogue other people's FWD tilting delta trike projects.
  • Updated the Ride Report with the latest adjustments to Jetrike, which seem to have really improved things.
  • Added a new Ergonomics page, to provide basic anthropometric data, which should take some of the guess work out of designing a recumbent.
  • Scanned and fixed about a dozen internally broken links. So quite a few pages may appear to have been changed today, even though nothing apparent has changed.

April 1 2007

  • Updated the Ride Report with a description of the Bike Week - City to Coast ride I entered Jetrike into.
  • Added a new Cycloratio project page, this is a SWB easy-to-fabricate recumbent project.
  • Added a new Cycloratio Brochure page, an online reproduction of the original 1946 brochure.
  • Started updating the Trail page, adding some new data to the Pivot Angle Survey.